Saturday, January 6, 2007

My 2006 Running Year in Review

I'm pleased with my running in 2006. I seem to have honed in on a pace between 6:55 to 7:05 for 8K and 10K races; my 7:11 pace for last year's Hangover Classic is an anomaly due to the inch of fresh snow and slush that covered much of the first half of the course.

My highlight of the year was the 20:05 I ran in the Pelham 5K. I know that on the right day, on the right course, I have a sub-20 in me. But I didn't expect to come that close in this race. I owe my great time completely to a fellow named Dan Houston, who came in fifth place right behind me. I led Dan by about 40 or 50 feet for most of the race, but out of the blue at about the two and a half mile mark he blew by me. I was shocked, demoralized at first, and then just pissed. I knew the course well and planned my counter attack. I passed Dan at a full sprint with about 200 yards to go, and I didn't look back or let off the gas until the finish line. I don't know whether I'm happier about my finish time, or by not letting Dan's late race move take the fight out of me. Either way, my hat is off to Dan for a great race.

Race Date Overall Place/Finishers Division Place/Finishers Time Pace
Hangover 10K 01/01/06 95/299 33/70 44:40 7:11
Cigna 5K 08/10/06 426/4260 53/272 21:36 6:57
Lundgren 5K 08/19/06 30/287 4/45 20:58 6:45
Union Leader 8K 09/09/06 72/299 28/60 35:01 7:03
Pelham 5K 10/07/06 4/90 2/7 20:05 6:28
Bridges 10K 10/14/06 25/181 8/24 44:01 7:06
Feaster Five 8K 11/23/06 144/2334 39/384 34:19 6:55

I managed to stay (relatively) injury free all year. Here's to repeating that in 2007!

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