Friday, January 4, 2008

Project Ticket Stub - 1981

1981. Reagan in the White House. U.S. hostages in Iran released. IBM PC. Bob Marley RIP. Lady Di marries Prince Charles. Reagan fires the striking air-traffic controllers. Simon and Garfunkel reunite in Central Park. Sandra Day O'Connor on the court. Nolan Ryan's fifth no-hitter. Martial law in Poland.

And not a whole lot of music for me. Blame it on being a poor college student.

St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra, March 20, 1981 St. Louis Philharmonic Orchestra
Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, MO
March 20, 1981

Look, some culture among all this rock and roll! A college friend, Jon, was a backup bass player for the orchestra, and as I recall this concert was his big break. Because he was going to be playing he got a number of comp tickets which he distributed among our little network of friends. So we had a little group of poor college students out in force to support Jon that night. It was fun, and we were proud to see our friend on stage.

I remember Jon telling us that the Keil backstage area that night was a weird trip. See, while the Philharmonic had the Opera House side of Keil that night, the Auditorium side was hosting a professional wrestling show (whatever they called Wrestlemania back then). So the shared backstage area between the two halves of Keil was a mixture of two very different cultures.

The Rolling Stones, November 19, 1981 The Rolling Stones
The Checkerdome, St. Louis, MO
November 19, 1981

My second Stones show; this tour in support of the Tattoo You album. I recall the show being, well, being more "show" than the 1978 tour - more elaborate in terms of stage production, and certainly a precursor of Stones shows to come where the stage is big and elaborate. Tattoo You was also one heck of a successful album, with Start Me Up being (for me) the signature song and sound of the concert and album.

Here's a little interesting tidbit about this tour -- notice the "A JOVAN PRESENTATION" on the ticket. This was the first rock tour in history to have an advertising sponsor - Jovan Musk. It seems that Jovan paid the Stones a million bucks to print that line on the tickets!

But I'm afraid that's it for 1981 - just two shows.

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