Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire Primary - Heavy Voter Turnout

Just a brief interruption to Project Ticket Stub to say, holy cow, the voter turnout in today's New Hampshire presidential primary is every bit has heavy as the news reports are saying. I've been a registered voter in Londonderry, NH since 1986, and I don't ever recall seeing a turnout as heavy as what I just witnessed at my polling place around 5:30pm tonight. Ever. Not in any previous primary. Not in any previous election. Traffic was backed up in every direction leading up to the high school. The parking lot was jam packed with cars streaming in and cars streaming out. There was a steady flow of people in and out of the voting booths.

The New Hampshire voting age population is just bit over a million people. News estimates are that we could have as many as 500,000 people voting today. Sure, on the one side I have to wonder just what is wrong with that half million people who aren't voting. But on the other side, I'm proud as hell to be among the 50% of eligible voters who did voice their opinion today.

New Hampshire is speaking today. Now we just have to wait to see what it says.

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