Monday, April 14, 2008

This Thursday - April NH UPA Meeting!

I'm excited about this month's NH UPA meeting. We're going to try a discussion session on three short papers. I've organized these types of reading and discussion sessions among colleagues at work before, but have never tried it with a group who might not know each other well. I'm helping Mike Hawley moderate the discussions, and am eager to see if people like the format.

About a month ago or so Mike put out a vote for choosing the articles, and the three winners are:

For an extra bonus, this month's meeting is at Fat Belly's Grill & Bar in Portsmouth, NH. I've never been there before, but what could be better than meeting some new people, discussing Schrage, Buxton, and Nielsen, and having a beer and maybe a burger? (Don't answer that.)

Join us? Networking starts at 6pm, and the meeting starts at 7pm. It is, of course, open to the public, although it is polite to RSVP to

Oh, and please read the articles ahead of time! We want you to come prepared to discuss them with us, and ask that everyone jot down at least one discussion point about each article -- it could be a question, or an observation, or an insight, or just about anything. Oh, and one more thing -- we want to keep it positive. Let's look for the value in what the authors' wrote.

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