Sunday, February 17, 2008

Two (count 'em, two!) Boston-area UPA meetings this week

For the moment I will put aside my rant that we have too many splinter groups in the greater Boston area - Boston CHI (formerly SIGCHI, and IMO the granddaddy of all of these upstarts), UPA Boston, NH UPA, Boston-IA, and IxDA Boston are just five - and I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two more.

Anyway, what is this post about? Oh, yea - this coming week we have both NH UPA and Boston UPA meetings.

The NH UPA meeting is on Tuesday night, February 19 at PixelMEDIA in Portsmouth, NH. The meeting will feature four 10-minute talks, one each by Chauncey Wilson (Autodesk), Shannon McHarg (H&R Block), Rebecca Richkus (Autodesk), and Margot Bloomstein (PixelMEDIA). Go Chauncey and Rebecca! See the NH UPA site for more info.

And Autodesk is again taking the spotlight on Thursday night, February 21, at the UPA Boston meeting. This one will be held at Autodesk in Waltham, MA, and the theme is a series of short talks about design and usability organized by Chauncey and the Autodesk Revit product design team. More info is available on the UPA Boston site.

I'll be at both meetings this week, cheering on the home team.

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